2 Friends & A Blender

SUGAR FREE Blue Raspberry Lemonade Flavor Packet - Blue Lagoon

With a hint of blue raspberry, lemon and lime the only thing missing is the fish! It's just the right balance of sweetness and tang when you add your favorite vodka, rum or wine. Non-alcoholic directions are also listed on the label. Makes 48oz.

DIABETIC AND KETO FRIENDLY: Our sugar free slushy line is sweetened with Trivia. It’s a natural sweetener that won’t raise your blood sugar level and is perfect for those who are diabetic or living a keto lifestyle.

REFRESHING AND DELITIOUS: Each flavor packet can be made with vodka, wine, or rum. We even include non-alcoholic directions right on the label so everyone can enjoy it, even the kids

GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: For big groups we suggest making it all non-alcoholic and have different flavored vodkas and rums on the side. Those that want the alcohol can put a shot in their glass. That way everyone can enjoy a slushy, even those that are not drinking.

PERFECT FOR ENTERTAINING: Great for serving at backyard BBQs, holidays, girls’ night, special events or any time you have a get together! Since each package makes a large amount, any leftover slushy can be placed in a plastic bag and put in the freezer to enjoy on another day.

SLUSHY PACKETS MAKE GREAT GIFTS: Our packets are so versatile they are the perfect gift not only for adults. But for the kids too. For a child’s birthday just put a few flavor packets in a basket with some microwave popcorn and a few treats for the perfect movie night present.

DIRECTIONS: Fill blender with 6 cups of ice, flavor packet and liquid option. Blend until smooth. Liquid options include – VODKA: Add 3/4 cup of vodka and 1 1/4 cup of your favorite sugar-free beverage, RUM: Add 1 cup of rum and 1 cup of your favorite sugar-free beverage, WINE: Add 2 cups of your favorite wine or NON-ALCOHOLIC: Add 2 cups of your favorite sugar-free beverage.

2 Friends & A Blender flavor packages are prepared in a certified and licensed facility. Each packet is filled individually to ensure the quality and consistency of each flavor.

INGREDIENTS: Truvia (erythritol, stevia extract, natural flavors), artificial blue raspberry lemonade flavor, natural lemonade flavor, crystallized lime ([citric acid, lime oil, lime juice], maltodextrin). Contains: blue 1, yellow 5.