2 Friends & A Blender

Spiced Cider - Crockpot Cocktail

PERFECT WAY TO WARM UP ON COLD DAY: Each flavor packet can be made with hard alcohol, wine or non-alcoholic. Those directions are found on the label.

PERFECT FOR ENTERTAINING: Great for serving at holidays, special events or any time you have a get together! Each flavor packet makes 80oz. Any leftover can be stored in the refrigerator. The drink is good until the juice/milk that was used to make it expires. Just put it back in the same container so you have the expiration date. When you want to enjoy a cup, pour it in a glass, heat and enjoy!

GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: When serving for a big group we suggest making it all non-alcoholic and have different types of alcohol on the side. The adults that want the alcohol can put a shot in their glass. That way everyone can enjoy it, even the kids.